Water Damage Photo Gallery

Air Movers in Action

Air Movers in Action

At this point in the photo, our clients can see that our team performed demo and removed all wet drywall from the scene. After that we begin the drying process with air movers to dry all remaining materials and then begin the reconstruction process. 

Technician utilizes an infrared device for detecting affected areas

Water Damage Restoration - Utilizing INFARED Tech

Infrared Technology is a must when it comes to water mapping and identifying all locations water may have spread to help ensure nothing is missed during inspection. A FLIR gun is one of the many devices SERVPRO of Buckeye & West Surprise utilizes on a daily basis. This device detects Infrared waves, not visible light, essentially creating these colorful images from heat sources. Infrared Technology is especially handy on residential losses, multifamily homes, as well as businesses and large commercial properties. Ultimately this allows us to get a different view of affected properties, showing us the damage, we may not always see (but now we can).

Technician utilizes a moisture reading device

Water Damage Restoration - Moisture Reading Tech

When it comes to detecting moisture there is one device that is paramount to our operations. There are many different types produced that we utilize in day-to-day operations, but the main goal of the technology is to detect moisture and provide the user with an accurate measurement of its content levels. We can use our moisture meters on materials such as drywall, brick, wood, plaster, and other common materials as well. This tool is incorporated into all jobs involving water, it is imperative for us to take readings of affected materials on a regular basis and be able to monitor the progression as we restore. 

Steam Cleaning

Fight Off Mold With SERVPRO

We've all seen mold on our food, it looks gross, and eventually we end up just throwing it away and not thinking twice about it. The same action can't be taken with our homes unfortunately. When you find mold on your property it's a big "what do I do?" moment, or "How do I take care of this?". When it comes to microbial growth as we call it here at SERVPRO, a particular approach is taken. Our process involves specific pieces of equipment, personal protection, demolition, containment (if need) and special chemicals to help prevent further contamination and remediate the current damage. Our technician in the picture is performing one step out of many needed to perform an intensive mold remediation project such as the one above.

Technician performing a Floor Cleaning

The Restoration Professionals

Don't Accept substandard restoration work, accept the best from the professionals who specialize in repairing and restoring water damage. 

What sets us apart is not just our best work, but our customer focused team who are always ready to assist in any situation. SERVPRO itself has gathered over 50 years of experience in the industry, and for good reason. The techniques we use work.