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SERVPRO's Professional Solutions to Deodorize or Neutralize Odors

10/27/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Orange + Delivery of new SERVPRO chemical

What is an odor? How can SERVPRO reduce odors? Are you tired of unpleasant, lingering odors?

An odor is an evaporative molecule that dissipates once the source of the odor has been completely removed. Removing an odor could take a long time, but a SERVPRO technicians’ job is to ultimately accelerate the process & limit any inconvenience for our client.

Identifying & removing an odor can be challenging, in some cases, there may be multiple sources of an odor. Multiple procedures and a mixture of chemicals may need to be used until an odor is no longer noticeable.

SERVPRO has designed a variety of professional deodorization products to assist our clients with their odor issues. Some of our options are short term or simply “counteract” which will consist of a porous, solvent-based time release masking agent. These counteractants come in the form of fragrance beads or our favorite air freshening sprays; we have these in multiple scents such as melon, red apple, orange crème, and linen. When the aerosol is released, it will flow through the air and eliminate tough odors left lingering by the original source.

Another deodorant comes in the form of pellets made with fuller’s earth, which acts as a sponge to absorb and hold odors. These pellets are formulated to be placed in areas where continuous odor control is needed. These pellets are more ideal for projects in process & not as a permanent solution.

Some more advanced solutions include our water-based counteractants which can be added to our cleaning products to control smoke and other odors. Our cinnamon scented water base is formulated with a variety of neutralizers to control organic malodors and replace them with a pleasant scent.

Dipping into the deodorizing options which are normally applied with a ULV mister or thermal fogging machine to produce a fine mist/fog. These products incorporate exclusive neutralizing agents which will assist in eliminating pet, smoke, skunk, and tobacco related odors.

SERVPRO of Buckeye & West Surprise/ Wickenburg also always has our proprietary SERVPROXIDE on hand, which although does not have any fragrance added, it does work to neutralize odors while also providing a sanitary way to clean your home or business; least to say it's one of our favorite products. Other general cleaners we utilize do have amazing scents; for example, our SERVPRO Orange Plus is designed with a delightful citrus scent; this is a popular product for everyone on the team here as it is a very fresh uplifting scent, perfect for cleaning the bathrooms.

Deodorizing doesn’t end all with chemical solutions; yes, they do play a huge part, but most of these chemicals are applied with specially designed machines to thoroughly & efficiently distribute the product, like the ones I mentioned earlier. Our ULV fogger & the thermal fogger both emit concentrated fine mists that reach and saturate most nooks and crannies; the main difference being the temperature in which the mist is omitted; the solution is either considered wet or dry & produces varying outcomes. A good example of machines that do not incorporate chemicals into their usage would be our Titan Hydroxyl Generator which; this machine utilizes a photocatalytic lamp powered by a combination of humidity & a fan to decompose organic, inorganic, and air pollutants. Another suitable option for purifying the air utilizes a variety of filters such as a HEPA, and importantly for odors a Carbon Potassium filter; we refer to this as an air scrubber or negative fan machine.

SERVPRO is a go to source for solving your odor problems. Our trained staff has the finest knowledge in deodorizing. From fire to biohazard, eliminating odors is tricky, but we are always here to help & provide relief to our clients. Our phone lines are available 24/7; we are also always available by email with any specific questions, or if you would like us to provide a quote!